Piefection is a pie bakery committed to making pies with fresh, delicious ingredients. We sell whole pies to go. In the piefection bakery, you will find us using: bars of authentic Callebaut Chocolate, Real, fresh whipped cream, freshly ground nutmeg, Wild, uncultivated Blueberries, Michigan Cherries, and Real butter. We invite you to come taste the difference these quality ingredients make.


Pie of the Month:
Turtle Cheesecake
A chocolate cookie crust is filled with rich, creamy cheesecake, topped with homemade caramel

and pecans, drizzled with chocolate, and finished with a halo of real whipped cream.

January 13th: Slice Day
Piefection offers select slices every day, but SLICE
DAY is the only time of the month when we make
all our current varieties available sliced. It’s the
perfect day to try something new!

Tuesday, January 23rd: National Pie Day!!
It’s going to be your favorite holiday- stop by for

$3.50 Slices


4/$23 Pot Pies

It’s the perfect time to stock up!!

Wednesday, January 24th: Peanut Butter Day
Take $3 off our Peanut Butter Bomb and Peanut Butter Dream Pies

for one day only!